02 Jul

Foreword; Welcome to the Halal Animal Welfare Association


I started the Halal Animal Welfare Assocation to focus on Livestock who are reared for Halal slaughter and how industrialisation has affected the Halal meat market. The vast volumes of meat we consume as Muslims places a huge strain on Animal Welfare issues. Animals are not being treated nicely purely because demand is so high there isn’t enough time, time is money. There are ongoing decisions and research into the science and jurisprudence of Halal slaughter however; I would like to focus on the welfare of animals from being reared, to treatment during transport and treatment prior to slaughter.

I would like the Muslim community to be aware of farming and slaughter practices, so they can make their own informed decisions about what meat they would like available and to consume, I believe as a Muslim we should not be funding factory farms and buying more Organic, free range and UK reared meat. I also feel when we are purchasing our meat we should be informed which country the meat is from and if it is organic, free range etc or not. Labelling on Halal meat packaging is slowing being improved, there are some providers who now include the country of origin and slaughter.

I have come to realise however that organic Halal meat cannot be certified as organic due to Organic standards for example, the Organic standards or the Soil association states meat should be stunned. (1) There are 9 Organic control bodies in the UK (2) so this may not apply to all, this is something I will investigate. The majority of Halal meat does involve some stunning due to handling and welfare issues using reversable stunning which has been approved by scholars and committees, but those farms and abattoirs that do not stun may be Organic with very high Animal welfare standards but cannot be certified.

I am not a scholar of Islam or an Alimah, I am not here to translate or teach Quran, I am not here to preach what is right or wrong.  I am an Animal studies student who will Insha’Allah graduate and make a difference in the Halal or if not the Farming industry. If you feel something in my blogs are incorrect or could be built upon as you have a better understanding of Hadith or you wish a certain subject to be covered, please feel free to contact us, we can only learn and make a change if we work with each other.

All my articles will contain a reference list at the bottom where I have gained any information or translations from, I recommend further reading into these as I have not even scratched the surface of these amazing works.

May Allah reward us for our efforts.

1. Soil Association organic standards, abattoirs and slaughtering. Revision 17.4 June 2018. Section 42.8.3, page 13. https://www.soilassociation.org/media/16026/abattoir-and-slaughtering-standards.pdf

2. DEFRA, Approved UK organic control bodies. 3 May 2018. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ organic-certification-list-of-uk-approved-organic-control-bodies/approved-uk-organic-control-bodies

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