**GOVERNMENT PETITION** Introduce a law to ensure proper labelling of permissible Halal products

24 Feb


The Government have approved the petition "Introduce a law to ensure proper labelling of permissible Halal products" 


We need 10,000 sigatures for it to be acknowledge by parliament.

Currently there is no law that defines what can and cannot be labelled as Halal. Even when pakoras contained pork and were labelled Halal no body was prosectued becuse no law was broken!

Alhumdulillah we are asking you all to please get involved, the petition is to try and ensure that only correctly reared and slaughtered animals carry the Halal label. 

This effects both Muslims and Non Muslims! we do not want newspaper articles cleaming that everyone is unknowingly eating Halal. We want to know what we are eating ourselves and respect others choices and views.

By supporting this petition we can ensure anyone caught misusing the Halal label will be prosecuted. It would also mean as a consumer we can purchase in confidence.

Here is the link to the National awareness campaign video Lets MEAT the ethics of Halal! the Hidden Halal crisis exposed. includes:

Modern farming methods! are the compatible with Quran and Hadith?

Animal rearing and welfare ( Tayyib)

To stun or not to stun?


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