Frequently asked questions to H.A.W.A (Feel free to contact us if you have further questions)

  • Does HAWA make money from its work?
No, H.A.W.A and its committee members do not expect or charge any money for their work. We believe our payment is the reward from Allah SWT Insha’Allah, our work is for sadiqah jariyah for us and all of the ummah who get involved.
Any events and marketing are all self-funded.

  • Does HAWA Certify Halal meat with a Tayyib standard?
No. H.A.W.A do NOT certify or monitor Halal meat producers, slaughter houses or butchers/ shops. We do not certify slaughter method OR  the animal welfare standard of the meat.
H.A.W.A is an educational association that is here to educate the Halal consumer of what is happening in the halal meat industry from the farm to your plate. Our aim is to Insha’Allah unite the Ummah, to become a voice to make the changes you want to see in the Halal meat industry. We believe that being transparent by informing you is key, so that you know what has/ is happening/ happened to your meat from Animal rearing, slaughter, the butcher/shop to your plate.

  • Why has H.A.W.A become another private association monitoring Halal meat rather than working with existing monitoring companies?
H.A.W.A does NOT certify or monitor (Please see above). The current monitoring companies certify the SLAUGHTER ONLY of Halal meat and place a stamp if they feel their OWN standards have been met, they do not have any contact or influence over the farmers themselves and are not legally accountable.
H.A.W.A’s main aim is to educate the consumer and improve the Halal industry from Animal all the way through to plate.

  • Is Organic the same as Tayyib? 

  • Organic farming is the closest modern-day farming method to Tayyib. However; Organic is again a set of requirements set by man and standalone associations who charge a fee to place a stamp of approval.

  • Tayyib is as per the teachings of Quran and Hadith and so is stand alone as per its requirements.

  • Tayyib is specifically mentioned ALONGSIDE Halal in the Quran and Hadith. It does not relate only to the slaughter process or if the animal has enough space to move around. Tayyib is tied right back to a person’s deen. The treatment of the animal and its rearing, its health and welfare, the rights of the animal over a human in Islam as well as how it is slaughtered.

  • Please see our Blog Halal and Tayyib; A definition.
  • Where can I buy Halal and Tayyib meat?
  • The term Halal is being abused. There is no regulation or guideline to define what can and cannot be labelled as Halal. We cannot recommend any farm, producer, butcher or shop due to this.

  • We aim to unite the Ummah so that we can together Insha’Allah work towards a Halal and Tayyib standard in the UK, so the consumer has confidence in what they are buying.
  • After watching your campaign launch talk I am not sure what meat I should be eating, what can I do?
  • The meat industry runs on supply and demand. First of all we should all be looking at what meat we consume and how often. The only way to improve welfare standards of farm animals is to lesson consumption so the meat industry can reflect and improve.
  • Please see our blog “The diet of the prophet Muhammad pbuh”.
  • How do I know if my meat has been stunned before slaughter or the animal has been raised intensively?
  • Some Halal labelling organisations or suppliers approve Halal meat which has been stunned at slaughter. These committees or suppliers will more than likely display this information on their website. To confuse the consumer they use different terminology and arguments for and against stunning to justify their actions.

  • However labelling for Halal meat in non-existent or uncertain. PLEASE SEE QUESTION 5.
  • How can I help the HAWA campaign?
  • Word of mouth: Please discuss the issues raised in our campaign with friends and family.
  • Join our mailing list: Please email us if you would like to be sent our monthly newsletter containing events and updates of our work.
Attend our events: Our informative events will be informative about the meat industry and our current work in progress. As well as discussing with you what future plans HAWA has going forward with its Halal and tayyib awareness campaign. We would also like to meet you, engage in conversation and hear your views and ideas.
  • Follow us on social media:
Facebook: @HAWAUKonline

Become a HAWA champion: HAWA will Insha’Allah be starting a new initiative where we train champions up and down the country to educate consumers about our campaign and ideas for change. Champions can then hold their own HAWA events to help with smaller more personal events.
Please email us if this is something you would like to be considered for.
This is the only cause through which you can touch every Muslim in the UK and visiting the UK right now, also future generations Insha’Allah.